The (Not) Good, the Bad (Attitudes), and the Tamales

Within the past week I’ve seen five grown adults screaming at each other in a mall parking lot and at least five grown adults throwing a holiday party-ish deal in a train car. While I wish I could say we signed back up for cable and I am talking about reality TV, it’s not. (Netflix and Hulu+ are a decent enough time-suck when I need one.)

The first was when I headed out to wreath supplies (including The Stabby Ribbon) and was heading back to my car. Mall parking lots are insane to begin with and adding people flipping out due to whatever gift they HAVE to find RIGHT at that moment doesn’t help. Don’t forget that the absolute closest parking space is THEIRS.

Seriously. The women were fighting over a parking space. At a glance the cars looked like it may have been an accident the way they were stopped. ( Believe me if someone hit me in a parking lot and wasn’t apologetic and/or wanting to work everything out my Irish temper wouldn’t be kept under wraps.) As I walked back to my car, I overheard one woman saying that the other threatened to beat her up over the parking spot. A parking spot!

This is when my eyes go all twitchy.  I know people have different preferences for where they park as well as limitations to how far they can walk.  I’m one to generally park a ways from any store door. It’s been something I’ve done for years and I’ve gotten used to it. However, have I gotten cut off by someone pulling into the space I had intended? Sure. Did I yell something at them? Sure and most likely “SERIOUSLY?!?!” due to my frequent Grey’s Anatomy viewing. Did I need to have mall security PLUS the local police be there? Noooooo.

Maybe there was something else going on with those women and part of me hopes so. This is the holiday season which is touted as when you are supposed to be nicer to people.  They clearly missed the memo.

The people on the train however didn’t miss the memo. They wrote it and included a menu that smelled amazing. While you are generally allowed to eat and drink on the train, this was the first time I’ve seen anyone passing around plates of food.  I didn’t get too good of a look since they were above and behind me but I overheard them discussing tamales (yum), cheese pizza (yum), and Chinese food (yum) in regards to what was to be passed where. Since I was in a decent mood while heading home, it didn’t bother me that they were loud. Their toasting to 2012 was amusing and you could tell that they were enjoying each others company. I can understand that since I have my “train friends” and realistically if I wasn’t in a great mood I would have moved or just sat in the quiet (but not silent) car.

Having two extremely opposite situations arise in such a short time period was pretty random and I doubt that I’ll encounter that combo for awhile.  It doesn’t even count as a Things That Make You Go Hmmmm since the genuine reaction was WOW.


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