Battling Murphy’s Law of Crafting

Sidenote: I am typing this over a large orange and white cat dozing on my lap.  He has shifted enough now to allow for me to type with both hands.

I have always been an artsy/crafty person.  While I did try sports, it never really stuck. I As a kid was much happier to have new coloring books or art supplies than sports equipment. Oddly enough I won my roller blades in a local coloring contest. My rabbit was just THAT awesome to have me end up with the black, neon green, and purple contraptions that caused me to waddle like a duck prize.

I wish I had more time to work on my projects as well as get my room in order. My 70s-tastic small kitchen set is still needed to be reassembled but I have a plan.  I think with any sort of art and/or craft project planning is key. Another key for me is a backup plan.  If I don’t have a backup plan, things turn into the instance when I decided to wait until a specific yarn went on sale. I ended up losing a good 4 months of knitting time since I was waiting. Once I decided on another yarn, then the first option of course went on sale.

I lucked out with last week’s sales papers. Holiday ribbon was half off at Michaels and I was able to get a decent number of two patterns.  I have a project in the works that specified the length of ribbon needed. Did I buy just that length? Of course not! That means tempting fate and ending up something silly like a foot short.

Now reading the packaging would have been beneficial since I ended up getting wired ribbon for one. If you have never purchased craft ribbon, wired ribbon has an extremely fine wire running through the edge/stitching so it can bend, hold shape, or in this case stab my in the hands every 42 seconds. Luckily it’s too minor to actually tear up my hands. I have now named it “The Stabby Ribbon” and am currently giving it a break to act as a cat bed write this post.

Nonetheless, the project is working well.   There will most likely be some sort of cell phone photo since I still can’t find the camera charger. The latest guess is that it may have fallen out of my bag during the horrendous return flight home from Philly. I am currently stalking ebay to find a decent real Canon charger.

It’ll be nice to finally get my Fall photos off that thing!

If you are a crafter, do you buy extra materials for a project or are you the person running to the local craft supply store to get ONE more thing to finish?


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