Ways to get through the holiday season

For a lot of people the holiday season means crazyland. There is so much to do, so many places to go and so many people to see that it ends up overkill. I understand because I have done it. More and more, however, I realize that I cannot do it all and have to take a more realistic approach.

  1. You cannot be at two places at once. EVERYONE has ideas and since I haven’t invented a cloning machine because then I’d have the cleanest, most organized ever house and dogs walked at least once a day, it won’t work. I recently set up a girls night holiday-esque shindig minus Christmas decorations since they are still in the attic, on the same night as a charity ugly sweater bar crawl. I obviously didn’t get decked out in hideously yarned glory and some friends didn’t make my deal.
  2. It truly is the thought that counts. Gift giving can end up VERY expensive if you are not careful, have a large list of people to get things, or are hunting down whatever fad toy is hot this year. I’ve learned how to put together some pretty good themed gifts on a budget over the years. Knowing exactly what works for someone and getting that more than once is not a cop-out. It’s smart and keeps you from falling into the general generic gift trap.
  3. Don’t try something new to bring to a holiday potluck/party/etc without a trial run. I’ve done this in the past and the end result is a destroyed kitchen, a cleanup I didn’t want to tackle, and a scramble to make something new. The key is finding at least one dessert, one main dish and one appetizer that can easily be made and caters to a wide variety of people and/or can be modified. I have one of each and it is so less stressful when there is somewhere to go.
  4. Cute shoes are fun but comfy cute shoes are better.  I have given up on heels when hosting parties. I have a heavy heel strike when I’m on a mission to get something done and so everyone is stuck hearing BOOM BOOM BOOM on the impossible to keep clean white kitchen tile. If you are a heels person and can run around in them for hours without problems, more power to you. I’ll settle for a cute pair of flats or even a cute pair of slippers depending on who is over.
  5. Naps are a good thing.  While I think this is a smart idea in general, being able to squeeze in even an hour long nap is a great thing. I know it saves me from drooping later especially if I am driving and also from being that one person who starts the yawn chain. I hate being the first yawner! Then it is all your fault.
  6. There is always next year.  I have ideas for decorations, cookies, wrapping themes, cards etc. I want to do them all but it goes back to the lack of a cloning machine as well as a delorean and the fact that my craft room is still in progress. Planning ahead for next holiday season also helps control impulse buying to crafting plans that get put on hold and come back to haunt you like the cones of cotton yarn that fell out of the closet and tried to take me out.
  7. Remember what is at the heart of the season. Everyone has a different focus during the holidays and that focus should be the center of it all.

Will something go wonky this holiday season? Will Frankie try to eat the wrapping paper and Bond try to run away with the ribbon spool? Will some sort of baking burn or frosting get smushed? Yes, yes and yes but then it will give me something new to talk about like I really need an excuse though.


2 thoughts on “Ways to get through the holiday season

  1. These are AWESOME tips. I totally agree on gift-giving. I like to do small, meaningful gifts instead of big things. Sometimes, what would really amount to a care package is the best kind of gift.

  2. I agree with the gift thing; I just wish everyone else did. For me I love to give food gifts; they represent hard work and love and taking into consideration the tastes of other. However, I feel like so many people see that as a cheap cop-out.

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