Dashing through the stores, before the deals get away…

Predawn alarms were set,
Why act so crazy?

While I am not quite sure if I will be redoing a full Christmas carol this year, I figured at least a verse would suffice for now.  One week and one day post Black Friday means the holiday shopping season is in full force. I know people who are the full range of shoppers: pre-dawn Black Friday, list specific, here/there/whenever, have-no-idea, last-minute shoppers, LAST minute shoppers. I’m a bit of each minus the LAST minute. The thought of looking for something on Christmas Eve isn’t my idea of fun.

This past Black Friday I did go shopping with my MiL.  We went to ONE store long after the deals started and so there were no crowds and minimal wait time. I was able to find some presents as well as presents for myself ( new pjs to work on my debate.) That was the only day of the Black/Local/Cyber trifecta that I took part in this year. Maybe next year there will be a full three but that is for a December 2012 post.

The mental list of ideas is slowly being completed and if all goes as planned, everything will be here, wrapped, and ready in time. I enjoy looking for presents that will work well for the particular person rather than more general ideas when I can. It might take a bit extra work but seeing the happy faces as a result is totally worth it.

What kind of Christmas shopper are you? Did you take part of Black Friday, Local Saturday, or Cyber Monday?


One thought on “Dashing through the stores, before the deals get away…

  1. Most of my shopping was done before Black Friday, but one of my life goals is to participate, just for the heck of it. You only live once, right? And the only Cyber Monday shopping I did was to buy presents for myself. I can’t believe it’s Christmas time again!

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