Stop! Goal-er time!

Yes, I know that title is so bad you can’t don’t want to touch this it.

The force cheese is strong in this one.

So November is over… HUH? Yeah I did the same thing. I also have to stop calling December “next month”, find my snow boots, and make sure all the snaps/buttons/etc are fine on my super heavy coats.

So a recap of last month’s goals:

  1.  Sleep: It is something so simple but too often overlooked. I’ve making it a point to pay more attention to my sleep patterns, make an effort to keep a consistent bedtime, and see if I can figure out what messes up my sleep.
    *****SUCCESS: I’ve made a point to be in bed at least 10 minutes earlier most days. While I might not actually sleep, I’m still resting. If I’m worn out I nap or make a point to really go to bed early. I swapped out my lighter pjs to warmer ones which have also helped.
  2. Exercise Bike: Ride at least 5 miles a week. While it is obvious that this is a small number, small means it is just a start.
    *****FAIL: I rode twice. I don’t even remember what the total mileage was but it wasn’t that much. While I could have gotten on there more especially when I was watching tv, there were times when the thought of exerting any more physical energy made me even more tired. I got some stuff done that I needed to and went o bed.
  3. Hoop: Start hooping again on a more routine basis. In the flurry of the last few months I haven’t hooped as much as I had before and I miss it. The cats miss it too because they find it mesmerizing.
    *****SEMI SUCCESS: While I didn’t hoop as much as I had hoped, I did get it out. Ceremonials by Florence and the Machine has some great songs to hoop to as well.
  4. Soup: Modify a recipe – old or new – and successfully make soup for two people with minimal leftovers.
    *****SEMI SUCCESS: I modified a soup recipe but it was for when I was sick so nothing too creative. I did make it small enough for minimal leftovers but that was also due to barely being able to be out of bed.
  5. Dog: Brush Cosmo daily again. He still gets brushed but not as routinely as before. It’s also mellow dog momma/dog time. Molly takes if 5 minutes totally so she won’t get ignore too.
    *****SEMI SUCCESS/FAIL:  While he didn’t get brushed as much, I did work on getting him more trimmed down. It did result in some of the hair off of him, just via a different method.
On to this month’s goals!
  1. Stuff: Go through my things/our things and find at least one decent sized bag of stuff to donate to charity.
  2. Pantry: Find a better organization method for at least one shelf. (Every shelf has particular issues.)
  3. Hair:  Try to find some new styles that work well for my hair. Growing out my hair means lots of ponytails and I don’t have thick hair so braids and whatnot take extra work.
  4. Chocolate: Find something new to add to my list of things that work well covered in chocolate for party food ideas in a pinch. While this technically can be answered by EVERYTHING, some candies/cookies/etc work better than others.
  5. Ball: Use the stability ball as an alternate chair/footstool

If you made November goals, how did you do? Have you made your December goals yet?


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