Fashion Friday: The Great PJ Debate

I would like to think something slept in wouldn’t be topic of debate. You are asleep after all. In my case that would work extremely well if I lived alone but I get to subject Darth Husband to my variety of schlumpy nighttime attire. Yes, that’s right schlumpy.  He called it frumpy which I agree with too. Lazy is another option.  Convenient and comfy are two more.

There are so many options but, thing is, if my butt or feet are cold I can’t sleep. I might fall asleep but then I’m waking up more so than when I have too much tea much too late repeatly.  Most of the time the super warm/super comfy options aren’t the most glamorous. Cute? Yes.  Glamorous? No.

PJ variety

I refuse to rock the ankle length flannel nightgown though. My friends actually gave me one in red plaid as a bachelorette party gift. (They were smart and included the gift receipt as well.) It’s all about finding a happy medium. I have some button-up shirt/pant combos that I adore and will not get rid of until they are worn out. (That means the ducks and the dogs/dog bones options are staying.) I’m planning to find some fleece pant/long sleeve top options for this winter season. I just need to search through the oodles I’ve seen out already.

Are you picky with pjs? Have you debated your choices with your signficant other?


3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Great PJ Debate

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