Oh look! Flaming noodles!

I am a firm believer that you learn something new every day. The most recent is that rice noodles are extremely flammable. I’m talking “goes up like a birthday candle” flammable.

I was almost done making dinner – a spicy Asian style stir fry. A few noodles were not yet in the water and just up against the side of the pot. This was one moment that having good pots and pans (chosen by the Caphalon loving Darth Husband) did not work well in my favor. The heat is seriously conducted very well. Too well. Luckily I was standing right there, was able to put the noodle out right away, and it didn’t go from scary to dangerously scary. (Note: We have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and I SERIOUSLY think everyone should have one.)

Have you had any scary moments in the kitchen?


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