When life gives you lemons, screw the lemonade and make maracas

Yes, maracas.

Made out of hollowed out lemons and filled with pony beads.

Purple pony beads so it will be contrasting colors even though you wouldn’t see it.

So I have clearly lost my mind decided to approach my Zumba class a different way. It is not Zumba. It is dance aerobics which technically would be the overall umbrella fitness approach. I’m moving for an hour so in the end it should do something especially if I make a point to put in the effort.

After putting on my big girl yoga pants (working out in slouchy saggy butt pants didn’t work) I shimmy, shake and bounce my way about. I modified some stuff and mashed it with other classes.  Was it exactly the routine? Nope.  Was I probably messing up someone watching me from behind? Probably.

The thing that got me so aggravated before was that I wasn’t getting the fitness level I needed.  I think admitting it, snarking a bit and posting about it made me realize this and decide to change it.  Will I get the result I had wanted? Probably not. Will I have a chance to laugh with the BiL’s gf? Definitely.

How can you not when a N’sync song gets played?


One thought on “When life gives you lemons, screw the lemonade and make maracas

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