Slow Cooker Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie FAIL

Every Fall the start of football season means the start of Slow Cooker Sundays.  We do use it when football has not yet begun and/or is over but during football it is almost every Sunday. Darth Husband can watch whatever game (playing fantasy football means multiple teams get attention) and I do whatever. I might watch a bit of a game here and there but unless it is a social thing or the Bears are playing I don’t watch the majority of the game. There is also an old just post college superstition that if I didn’t watch the entire game the desired team would win. (Or if I got up to go to the bathroom the desire team would get a touchdown therefore resulting in my missing the woohoo moment.)

Last week we had both sides of our immediate family over for a brunch which went really well. As everyone started winding down and heading out I started a chicken pot pie recipe that Darth Husband found online. Actually he found it on his iPhone so I never actually read the recipe.

That was Fail #1.

Reading the recipe especially online means there will be comments. People like to talk about food – big shock right? – and so they will give input.  Reading the recipe means the glaring amount of salt related ingredients will be screaming at you in 10 or 12 pt font.

That was Fail #2.

Too much salt/high sodium levels do not work well for me. (Sometimes it is a bad stomachache or full out “no deal” which I lovingly refer to as “digestive revolution.”)  Darth Husband enjoyed it and has a stomach of steel so he is fine. Our friend was over and we offered him some which he accepted and also enjoyed it. Too bad it wasn’t half a recipe because then the majority would have been eaten by the guys and we’d have had minor leftovers.  There were MANY leftovers.

That was Fail #3

Fearing for a repeat of the reaction from before, I didn’t eat any of the leftovers.  I honestly am not sure if Darth Husband ate any of it. Safe to say the recipe resulted in wasted food which never makes me happy.

Overall the recipe looks like one that can be modified since it is pretty basic. While I may try it again in the future , I am thinking that the best option right now is to look for a similar low-sodium option or try to modify my tried and true slow cooker chicken soup. I would just need to alter the seasonings a bit.

Have you tried a slow cooker pot pie recipe? Did it work out well or was it another fail? 


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