I hate needles: Ode to the anti-stabby stabby

I recently had to have a blood draw for a health screening. It is a yearly thing. Since it happens about the same-ish time, I prepare myself as best as possible since I hate needles.

Hate as in seriously freak out hate needles.

Hate as in warning levels for HIGH blood pressure since my heart is racing when I am near them.

Basically I need to buy this (it is on my favorites list anyways) and wear it every time I go there.


While I have gotten better over the years (no throwing up – woohoo!), it still freaks me out. Thinking of the oodles of people who have to deal with needles on a regular basis helps. Thinking of how when we eventually have a family there will be numerous doctor visits and whatnot helps.

The required fasting probably had a lot to do with the stressing out. Not having my usual small snack before bed (screw the no eating past 7pm for me) leads to me waking up at least once because I am hungry. I’m not talking a full meal before bed but something as basic as a mug small glass of warm chocolate milk.

I’m generally not a great morning person so growly stomach before bed means iffy sleep means grumbly morning. But I can have black coffee!  WOOHOO! Add a kick to the growing panic. AWESOME! Seriously though, my mornings do usually involve some sort of caffeine – coffee, black tea, energy drink – but for some reason black coffee seems to make me go wheeeeeee more so.

So I wheeeeee along to work… in the rain… and the wind. Since it is raining, I have my umbrella and since it is windy it decides to attack me. No joke. I get whapped in the forehead (no bruise luckily) and spun around. Feeling like part of a Bridget Jones novel, I of course, just want to get all this over and done with.

Increase stress level.


Increase stress level.

Finally time.

The weird thing is when it was actually time to get my blood pressure done I mentioned it probably was sky high and was told it wasn’t. WEIRD! WEIRD! WEIRD! I might have seemed calmer but not wanting to repeat the time I passed out and almost fell out of a chair (another nurse caught me) I always warn in advance that I am a passer-outer (yes that is the technical term) and am able to lie down to have it done.  Minor panic, a minor yelp and a bit of woozyness later I was done, wrapped up and orange juiced.

Having an excellent nurse definitely helps.  It  was a surprisingly less stressful event than I had planned.  She was amazing and I made sure to complement her as well as be sure the supervisor knew as well.

The nurse mentioned that perhaps my needle issues had to do with a bad experience in the past. While I can’t remember exactly, that may be true. While I know this positive time won’t lead me to not freak out in the future, I know it will help.

Are you ok with needles? Do shots and/or blood draws freak you out? 


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