Getting my Zumba search back on

I am currently enrolled in a Zumba class and back in September I raved about it. (Ah yes, the use of past tense.  That is always a sign.  Please also note that the word “good” was omitted. )

There was a break between classes and first session back the group is there but the instructor is missing. It was very strange. Everyone waited for a bit then left. Zumba fail. Clearly there was a mix up.

I missed the second session back.  I had a legit reason if you are calling standing up from being seated on my living room couch and managing to twist my knee out of whack legit. I stand up and then I am hobbling for several days. Awesome.  Luckily after rest and ice I was fine but clearly if I can barely walk up stairs Zumba moves are not a smart idea.

My knee gets better by the next class. I brave through a cranky stomach and go to class. I’m running a bit later than planned and have to deal with some annoying traffic but make it to class in time.  Being rushed to a class never works well for me because then I have to get out of  grr/arg mode. I figured I’d just sweat out the aggravation.

However, the aggravation just morphed into a new version.  The instructor from the first time was no longer teaching the class. I never asked anyone why since I figured the class was still running so that would work.


What I liked about the first class was that I felt like I really got a workout.  If I am spending an hour doing high intensity, or at least to me, fitness then I expect to be a gross sweaty mess by the end. That is how I headed home.  I was even brave enough to take a “before” picture figuring once this class had ended I would see and feel a difference.  Standing in front of a light colored wall while wearing semi-dark workout attire isn’t something that I normally do.

So I had my “before” picture but there is not going to be a fair “after” one.

I don’t know the new instructor so I can really talk about her personally. She might be a super duper fantabolous person but I wasn’t too thrilled with her as an instructor.  While I know everyone has different styles and approaches to get others moving, she was increasing my snark level and not my motivation level.  Realistically, if I wasn’t taking the class with my MiL and BiL’s girlfriend as well as not had missed the prior class, I would have seen if a refund was possible.  I had attended a similar class before.  No change in weight (my goal was not to maintain) nor did I feel any fitter was what I got in the end.

I know I didn’t whole heartedly participate in the class. I just couldn’t connect.

  • Talk about her high schoolers and their routines
  • The “wait let me do this so I can explain it”
  • A modified version of the Thriller dance
  • Finishing all the routines (until she learned new ones for next week)
  • Doing country line dancing due to the routine situation above
  • Breaking a decent sweat 40 minutes into a 60 minute class
I know a lot had to do with me personally since I was ready to get my butt kicked in the other incarnation of the class.  Having that expectation is a motivator for me to actually get my butt out of the house and to class. Slow and steady does work but slowwwwww and steeeeeeeeeaaaaaady isn’t where I am right now. If this was a different sort of class and one I hadn’t done in the past, perhaps this would be a good match.
There are several places in the area or not too far that also offer Zumba classes.  I don’t forsee returning to this place in particular right now.  Maybe the class will get better and my thoughts will change.  I am hoping that eventually my search will lead to a good match.  If not, eventually we do want to get a Kinect for the Xbox and I can try the Zumba video game.

Have you ever have a class change once you have signed up? Was it for better or for worse?


3 thoughts on “Getting my Zumba search back on

  1. I find the connection to the instructor to make all the difference. I followed the second Zumba instructor I ever did class with after falling in love with her teaching style. After she left the Y, I followed her a for a couple moves to other studios. Now I teach for her! 🙂

    Hope you find a great place that makes a better match! Good luck!

  2. Been there, done that. But with yoga. I found a great instructor when I first stared about 10 years ago, then when I moved, I could NOT find another instructor I liked. The first girl was intense – I felt great, but HURT after a yoga class. It was awesome. All the others just didn’t come close. Now, I think I’ve found one that’s good. We shall see. 🙂

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