Fashion Friday: That Post About Underwear

I can already see the spam comments and twitterbots going bonkers with this title.

Underwear. Panties. Underoos. Undies. Whatever you call them, more power to you.  I’ll be using my n0rmal term of undies for this post.

I was recently shopping and picked up some new ones. They were nothing crazy and far from being considered scandalous but not granny panties. I have survived the invasion of the whale tails and think you can feel cute and a little sexy (example being The Jessica Boy Short from Fredericks – link rather than showing a  most likely 19-22 year old in underwear on the blog) while wearing jeans and be much more comfortable.

My inclusion to what every woman should have is at least one pair of sexy underwear. It doesn’t need to be a butt floss resembling thong or something see-thru. It doesn’t even need to be shown off but rather something that makes the wearer feel fantabulous.

What is another “what every woman should have” clothing element? 


3 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: That Post About Underwear

  1. Little black dress! Even though I was very opposed to it for a long time, it’s definitely necessary!

    And I find this post hilarious because I religiously wear “whale tails” every day, and sleep in regular ole bikini underwear at night.

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