I love this blog: The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle

There are some blogs that I love to read to the point that when a new post pops up in my Reader I get giddy.  The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle is one of those.  I may or may not have clapped while reading a post here and there and there and there.

These aren’t  just cookies but truly art done with icing. She thinks outside of the box in terms of cookie cutters and has me looking at them in a new light. What does it look like upside down? Sideways? Crooked? Before I started reading, I never would have thought to take a specific shape, spin it around, chop it and then you have an entirely different end result shape!

I do not have much experience with shaped cookies other than the more standard – cut cookie, add sprinkles. If I have ever used flood icing it was when I was a kid and I don’t remember. Nonetheless, I am inspired to try my hand at fancier cookies.


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