Playing Goal-ie: November goals

Ah yes, November aka wtf happened to October????

I figured new month, new plan, or at least a monthly goal-ie one. Yes, cheesy I know but I’ve hockey on the brain lately as well. (GO BLACKHAWKS!)  So the plan is to start small-ish.

  1.  Sleep: It is something so simple but too often overlooked. I’ve making it a point to pay more attention to my sleep patterns, make an effort to keep a consistent bedtime, and see if I can figure out what messes up my sleep.
  2. Exercise Bike: Ride at least 5 miles a week. While it is obvious that this is a small number, small means it is just a start.
  3. Hoop: Start hooping again on a more routine basis. In the flurry of the last few months I haven’t hooped as much as I had before and I miss it. The cats miss it too because they find it mesmerizing.
  4. Soup: Modify a recipe – old or new – and successfully make soup for two people with minimal leftovers.
  5. Dog: Brush Cosmo daily again. He still gets brushed but not as routinely as before. It’s also mellow dog momma/dog time. Molly takes if 5 minutes totally so she won’t get ignore too.
Do you set monthly goals?

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