What do you mean healthy living isn’t just eating brussel sprouts and running 15.3 miles a day?

By the use of this title, I hope you realize that I am joking and not mocking the online community that I have loved being part of the past few years.  I see the summer vacation style “what does healthy living mean to me” posts pop up now and then which made me realize I never did one. Yes, I know pot meet kettle.  Thing is, I didn’t know really how to answer that or rather how I wanted to answer it.  The beauty of it all is that it really is how I wanted to answer it. So I did – TADA! See new page on the main site! It will probably get editing numerous times in the future but for now that works.

I figured it was easier than trying to explain everything and making it fit in a pretty little box. I’d end up more so like when you start getting frustrated with a large puzzle and all the dark green forest pieces all look the same. After awhile there is at least two pieces just mashed together so it is technically “done.”

However I don’t see it as a cop-out either.  My little blog-that-could chugs along at different speeds, some needing a kick in the butt more than others so it fits. That’s my life as well.

Life has chugged along a bit faster than before lately but in a good way. Now it’s figuring out how to not neglect the numerous elements  to favor others. Sleep however will usually triumph though especially when there is a head cold, NyQuil and 8 extra hours of sleep involved.

Now excuse me I need to set up the crockpot, play with the pets, fold laundry, do yoga, knit another scarf, write 15 emails and wash my hair… all at the same time of course since I’m Superwoman!

Snark snark snark….. or make my lunch for tomorrow and get ready for bed.


Edit/add 3/11/12: This is the content from the page mentioned above.


To me healthy living isn’t a cookie cutter deal. It is an ever evolving process.  What worked for me at 20 doesn’t quite work ten years later.  What works for me today might not work a year from now. It’s realizing this and working to find balance.

Some people like to use the word moderation. I like the word balance.  Think of it at a pretty basic level – a balance beam.  Leaning too far one way means wobbling and quite likely falling over. Trying to correct yourself too drastically could have you end up flying over the other way.  Finding that middle ground and wobbling along is the plan.

I say wobbling because I’m not perfect  (nor could I ever be since I have fake teeth) and life is what it is. Sometimes there is more good than bad or vice versa.  One week I might be awesome at home cooked meals but then I neglect my reading. Another I might be so lost in knitting I forget to do laundry and find myself wearing Christmas socks quite a ways from December. I might be all caught up and have a sparkly clean house (or not sparkly but cleaner) but forget that I need to make sure I get enough sleep.

It is a crazy mix mosh of everything. The key is figuring out what works and keeping up, figuring what doesn’t and fixing it and realizing that this isn’t the end.


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