All I want to do it thank you

I was thinking earlier about thanking people and Geggy Tah popped into my head. Gotta love mid 90s music.  If you have no idea, I have included the 90s video greatness. It cracks me up when he starts playing the trumpet when driving. Yes, there is a trumpet.

So the point of all this is more the thank you element. While I might not do so 100%, I do try to thank someone for something as small as holding a door open or something major in terms of helping me out. Even when life isn’t all teddy bears and unicorns (as Lisa Frank comes to mind and I immediate want to go buy school supplies and stickers) if someone does something nice for me the scowling stops even for a moment.

I see it too often that people don’t say thank you or show their appreciation. On the flip side, I do see genuine expressions of gratitude as well. Those genuine moments mean a lot. It doesn’t take more than a moment, if 4 seconds max, and it can change someones day if not your own.

Do you notice that people say thank you or think there is a general need for people to say it more? 


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