Big Mouth vs Kissy Faces

While this is technically this week’s addition to the “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm” series, it is also something that is debatable.

The train I take to/from work has two tiers.  The upper lever isn’t as wide as the bottom – basically half the row – and so there are single seats facing either forward, backwards, or inward. I was towards the front of the train car facing forward. About a third from the back of my car was the big mouth. He was an adult guy – somewhere after 50 but since I wasn’t paying attention to his face I can’t gauge an exact age. Definitely an adult without a doubt is a good way to put it.

So Mr BigMouth starts yelling down to the lower level at a young couple. It a variety of things that I can’t remember verbatim but something along the lines of the following.

Can I take a picture?
I’ve been watching you two make out all week and it is disgusting.
That is gross.
Go get a room.
Are you from here because we don’t do this in public?
That is for private.
I am going to tell the conductor how disgusting you are being.

And so on and so forth. The thing is though he disrupted the entire train car for a good 5 minutes.  If I was in a snarky mode and closer to him, I would have told him to just shut it because his ranting was causing more of a commotion.  The young couple eventually moved to a different car. I couldn’t see their seat but I saw them exiting the door between cars and the girl was pretty angry.  Later as BigMouth exited he was all puffed up – that cocky proud – talking with a woman about how he told them and she was laughing too.

So my deal is that I never saw the PDA couple and the level of kissy face they were engaged in.  It could have been horrible or barely noticeable. I just don’t know. True, they were in public and should have had some sort of courtesy of others. However, I could probably do a survey of how many people engaged in some sort of PDA of the kissy sort at least once in their lives and gotten a lot of yes responses. One odd part was the fact that the guy lost it and started yelling that he had been watching them make out for a week. The immediate thought was “Hey Creepo why are you starting at a young couple kissing! ”

So this week the topic of Hmmmm-ness is two-part. 

Is it “worst” to be kissing in public or ranting about people doing so? Worst is in quotes since I know this can be an easily debated topic. If you want to debate, please try to be nice!

One thought on “Big Mouth vs Kissy Faces

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