Mrs. Crankypants doesn’t think you are funny

Earlier this week I would have answered to Mrs. Crankypants though the answer would probably been a glare. I generally try not to let the Irish temper rage on get angry about little things. I’m not saying I don’t get angry/grr-filled/upset because that would be a lie. However, flying off the handle is not the answer to life’s problems or mini-problems.

I came home to Darth Husband making sopes with beef fajita mix (beef strips, mixed bell peppers, onions and spices from a local grocery store), mushrooms and chihuahua cheese. I had a taste for tacos or some sort of Mexican food so I started happy.

Then I heard what was playing.

Internet radio comedy station.

Everyone has their little quirks, oddities, and whatnot. For some reason comedy radio when not in a moving car puts me on edge.  It has been like this for years. Road trips, televised shows, and live comedy shows are fine though. Strange, I know. So there I am unable to focus on casual conversation or my dinner. I tried to deal with it and didn’t enjoy dinner like I would have been able to if I just turned it off. Simple choice but by then I would have turned into a hybrid of Mrs. Crankypants and Stompy the Elephant since when I’m annoyed I walk w my heels hitting harder than the rest of my foot. (I’ve read that being called something along the lines of heel striking when running.) Being Crankystomp might have turned into minor grumbling between the us and that was not worth it.

So I ate and dealt.  Then I stated I needed at least 10 mins of music to get myself centered. A few songs by Beth Orton and Florence + the Machine later I felt more balanced and after a while pretty much back to the state I was in when I arrived home.

Music is one way I can get myself centered in grr-inducing moments.  What is one that always works for you? 

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