Things that make you go hmmmm: Bird coat edition

This week I only had to wait until Tuesday to see the forerunner for Things that make you go hmmmm. TUESDAY! I may or may not have almost yelled out something blog related when I saw it but then I’d be as crazy as the guy with the bird wearing a coat.


A bird like this one


was wearing an ity bity coat similar to this.


I have no idea why a cockatoo would be wearing a red plaid teeny dog coat. It wasn’t even that chilly out – mid 60s maybe.  The bird was being transferred to a guy’s shoulder by another guy. While I was tempted to stop and see who actually owned the bird, I had a train to catch and so didn’t stop. 

I haven’t seen either since that evening but I know even if I never see them again I’ll still find something new and strange for next week.


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