Don’t forget to brush your teeth and check your autoposts

When I first started blogging in general I knew nothing about auto posting.  I was blogging as well as a part of a photo group that had a daily photo post. As a result, I though that to post daily meant that you had to actually write and then post that day. This was hard for me especially on the days that things got super busy or I wasn’t crafting as much.  My posts dwindled and eventually the craft blog theory turned into more of where this blog started off.

At HLS, Emily, KristinLauren and I discussed so much over the course of that weekend. Of course blogging was part of the topics covered and as a result, my hesitation to embrace auto posting dwindled. I have not quite gotten a set rhythm using it but I do much much more than before. Generally if there is a post during the work week that is before 6:00 pm it is an auto-post. Do I put as much effort into it as if I am writing something that night? Of course. I take the time the night before or two nights before usually depending on how it is working out writing wise.

This week though I hit a snag using auto post.  After finding out about Fashion Friday from Laura, I though it was a great idea and decided to add it as a semi regular series on CSYA. Eventually my plan is to have it be weekly but for now it works as a semi regular thing. Cue auto post mode. Cue post error missing the PHOTOS!  I was so happy about the post but didn’t realize it hadn’t worked out as planned. For some reason the code from Polyvore didn’t want to work. I will eventually fix it but for now added an “edit” with the link. Strange especially since it previewed with no problems.

End of the blog world? Nope. Annoying? Yep but it is something that will make me remember in the future to check.

Do you use auto post? Have you ever had anything strange happen using auto post?


3 thoughts on “Don’t forget to brush your teeth and check your autoposts

    • totally. I’ve used it extensively; WordPress makes it pretty easy. There is a rare bug where, for some unknown reason, the post will “miss” its scheduled time to be published. That’s only happened to me a few times though. For Love&Trash, I scheduled EVERYTHING.

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