Fashion Friday: Berrymash

EDIT: The Polyvore coding refuses to work even with edits. Please try here until it decides it wants to show the image.

Cooler temperatures always have me thinking darker colors.  Years ago I used to wear a steady stream of black year round but after awhile I got pretty sick of that. While I do still wear a good deal of black, I’ve incorporated a good deal of grey into the color schemes as well.

One thing that I want to try more of this season is more of a berry scheme but with browns instead of black/charcoal/grey.  They will work with that as well and can be incorporated with both pretty easily.

If I had the cash to do so, I’d buy everything in the outfit below.


CALYPSO ST BARTH velvet dress, $385
Blazer, $368
Betsey johnson tight, $20
Mid heels
Ted Baker leather handbag, 109
Marlyn Schiff long chandelier earrings, $15
Yves saint laurent ring, 165
Roberto Cavalli waist belt, $1,910


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