Getting my dance on: Zumba class #1

Last week was my first Zumba class. Well, technically it was my first Zumba class. I had taken a class before but it ended up being more of a Zumba/belly dance hybrid. Since it didn’t end up what I had expected, I consider last week’s session my first.

I enjoy group classes.  They work well when certain factors are there.

  • Good space: enough room to move around even if there are lots of people
  • Good temperature/ventilation: too cold means  all shivery, too warm means  lethargic, not enough fresh air means feeling light-headed
  • Good music: upbeat without being annoying, able to be heard but not blasting where you can’t hear the instructor

I deliberately left the instructor off that list since I think it is a topic that can stand alone.  I have had great instructors in so-so spaces and not so great instructors in amazing places. It is all about finding a balance of both. 

I was very pleased with this instructor. Very very pleased to the point where I thanked her at the end of class.

  • Energetic but not at all annoying, ready to get everyone moving but no raised voice
  • Open to questions and gave lots of background/explanation for the class
  • Understanding in terms of the class and the wide range of ability/ages – definitely good when you see someone take the time to make sure all levels are being taken care of properly

So enough about everything else. Time to talk about ME!

Are you done laughing now? Yes? Ok, me too.

I went to the class anticipating to work my butt off and come home a gross sweaty mess. DING DING DING!  Success!  I started off with a bit too much oomph because I was having a good experience. Luckily I realized this from the level of my water bottle and I got myself at a good level.  Since it was at least an hour class, I didn’t want to push too far too fast and then be too worn out at the end.

The routines were able to be done at each persons energy level yet not being different for the most part. I tried to give an extra push here and there when I knew a step from the prior class. The one where it is step forward-side-behind (yes that is the technical name for it) was one that had me totally tripping up before.  Now I messed it up maybe once or twice that I noticed but overall I was happy I had that working. 

I learned that I was doing one of the hip shake moves wrong too! I got a little extra help and definitely could tell the different. Two days afterwards I could really feel it.  Safe to say this time that move will get results!

I came home tired but feeling good.  I need to figure out a balance between coming home from class and unwinding but I know that will take time.  I can’t wait til next class!

Have you ever taken Zumba? Are you a fan of group classes?


3 thoughts on “Getting my dance on: Zumba class #1

  1. I took Zumba for a few months til I realized that I suck at it to the point where it wasn’t fun anymore! I didn’t do any sort of dance classes growing up and my body just doesn’t have that feel for the music that others do. That made me realize I enjoy more precise forms of exercise like yoga, lifting, or sometimes step cardio classes.

    Glad you like it though, the Zumba music is so addictive! You’ll probably find yourself humming it mindlessly one day and then realize where the tune is from!

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