Fashion Friday: I’m with the Brand

Or not.

I recently went to a store’s website to look at pants. Realistically it isn’t that big of a deal. Type in address. Go to the women’s clothing section. Select pants. Look at pants and decide which to try on eventually at aforementioned store. It is nothing new. I’ve done it oodles of times.  The thing is, I didn’t remember what was going on until after the website wouldn’t work. It was overloaded.

If you didn’t guess by now, I’m talking about Target and how the mad rush for Missoni crashed the website and probably lead to crowds at the store.  My main focus though isn’t technically on that particular brand.  While it is popular and all, I personally never coveted anything of the line. To each their own. If that is your OMG MUST FIND deal,  more power to ya.

Over the years there are always that particular brand that you have to have to be cool/in/make you happy/spend a ton of money. Growing up I wasn’t barred from trendy brands but there was a more realistic approach to it. I might not have had Z Cavarici jeans but I still had the zipper ankle with the bows on the back of my jeans.  I had two I.O.U. sweatshirts – one was a gift (purple and black stripes) and the other I was able to pick out (forest green inside out style that was supposed to be worn inside out with the puffy paint letters.) Maybe that was the other way around. It was a long time ago. There were probably other things that I would have been in fashion to have but I can’t remember.  I do remember having red leather high tops and navy blue loafers with fun tassels (prior to my anti-tassel shoe phase which is still on going.)

After that it was grunge/alternative (one pair of Jncos) and the land of dark denim/black top combo that can be found in way too many college group photos. If there were more I can’t remember. Someone will probably say something and I’ll do the “ohhhh yeaaaaaaah.”

Basically my approach is if I like it, it is good quality, a decent price or on super sale, and it is a fancy brand so be it. If it isn’t and all other of the list are included then so be it as well.

Are you a brand name person? Does it not matter much to you? Are you anti-brand names?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: I’m with the Brand

  1. So, I have no idea what those jeans with the bow or the sweatshirts are, which made me realize – wow, I’m a lot younger than you.

    Anyway, the only affiliation I have to brand is the ease in which I can buy it. That and sometimes quality will play a factor, but not that often.

    For example – I love Old Navy. I love Old Navy because I can walk into any old navy store, know they will have clothes that fit me, that are affordable, and that will suite my style. I am now shopping at Gap and having some success, but it’s not as easy as Old Navy. And I also love New York and Company.

    I like places like JC Penny and Macys because they have large sections and I feel “safe” shopping there.

    I don’t shop at Target anymore because I feel like they vanity size a lot and I don’t like it. I used to shop there all the time, but I got tired of their clothes fitting me weird.

    So does brand matter? No, but the store and atmosphere matter – and so sometimes you’ll see me all in one brand (like today’s post is brought to you by Gap apparently) but it’s not on purpose.

  2. Hi there! Found your blog through Nikki’s 🙂 . I’m the same way like you, if it’s good quality, I like it, it fits well on my body… I’ll take it! I don’t care so much about brands. I used to be into brands, when I was in high school, but all that changed when I started working and had to buy my own clothes. LOL. Even if I had the money to buy $50 jeans, I won’t do it. I even have a hard time buying jeans at Old Navy cause I think they’re pricey. I like going to Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and target. Those places have pretty good jeans for really good prices.

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