Chocolate? Yes, please: Adora Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: The following is a review based on items sent to me by the promotional company.
I received no money based compensation and only product for my review.


Recently I was given the opportunity to do a review of Adora Calcium.  Being a chocolate loving person it worked out quite well and I was sent each of the flavors, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.  So here is the run down.


  • tastes like chocolate – no chalky or odd texture and no aftertaste
  • two flavors give me options – milk chocolate more often by itself, dark chocolate more so along with something else like tea
  • knowing I’m getting calcium, vitamin D, and magnesium since I too often forget to take calcium pills
  • small size and individual wrapping means easily carried in my bag or purse
  • as someone who often gets a cranky stomach, I’ve never had any problems

Not liked as much:

  • Only come as separate flavors – both in one bag would definitely be something I would purchase
  • Price is slightly higher than other calcium supplements I’ve gotten in the past

Overall, clearly the likes are more than the not-as-much. I have no medical issues that require me to watch my supplemental intake so this works really well for me. I find myself eating Adora very easily which is much better than me forgetting to take a supplement in pill form.

So Adora works for me. Now here is the chance to see if this works for you as well. One person will be able to get their very own Adora Calcium.


Let me know in a comment your favorite “kind” of chocolate. It doesn’t need to be a specific brand or even chocolate in candy form so hot chocolate etc will work too!

Comments submitted up to 6:00 pm (Chicago time) this Friday, September “Sweet” 16th will be accepted. Winner will be chosen by random generator.


8 thoughts on “Chocolate? Yes, please: Adora Review and Giveaway

  1. Is it wrong to say my favorite kind of chocolate is not chocolate? I’m much more a vanilla or carmel person! I do like the Adora discs despite this though. 🙂

  2. I love super, super dark chocolate. I generally get Trader Joe’s 72% dark chocolate brick and break the brick into pieces throughout the week. Yum.

  3. I have to agree with Kristina, I’m not a huge chocolate fan. I DO love adora dark chocolate discs though, even though they don’t really taste like chocolate!

    If I am going to eat chocolate, I like it in cookie form or the Lindt Extreme Dark Chocolate Mint bars. Those are good!

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