Candles and cookware and jewelry, oh my!: Selling parties and not buying

Recently  in the mail arrived a Pampered Chef invite for a party being held by Darth Husband’s aunt and another name I didn’t recognize. His aunt is a nice woman and we do get along quite well so the person is not the source of the concern.  The buying or intention of buying is what is on my mind.

I am not against “selling parties” and I call them that because honestly that is what they are no matter what people say. No matter what kind I’ve attended over the years it is basically a moveable sales pitch.  Here the info, see the stuff, try something made from the stuff, try on the stuff, smell the stuff, laugh at the stuff (if it is a more, ahem, grown up party) and then look at the books/forms etc. Then if you want to buy you can.

The “if” is a weighted one in my opinion though. The person hosting the party gets a discount deal for whatever is sold. While I do not know this, my guess is the person running the gig gets some sort of a cut as well. I can’t see this all being done for free. They want you to buy. (They being the collective “they” along with the “people say” and whatnot and so forth.)

The thing is, I don’t have the money to listen to the “they” people and buy something.  I have gone to parties in the past where I have bought things here and there but not always. The time I haven’t I ended up with a mixed reception. Some ended up totally fine where they understood that you couldn’t buy anything now yet taking the brochure home meant that maybe when possible you possibly would. Others didn’t get the point. One woman was so pushy after finding out that I didn’t want to order anything now that I couldn’t get her to leave me alone to the point where I finally gave her my number for a followup. Well technically it was most of my number… just one number was off. Oops! It was better than me telling her off or physically leaving my friends’ house. (She had the party while he hid.)

While I don’t anticipate having to verbally take on someone at this Pampered Chef party, I am on the fence regarding whether or not to attend. I might have extra cash to buy something small but I might not. I have purchased items from Pampered Chef as well as gotten them for a gift.   The ones that are actually used and not lost in the overflow of kitchen related stuff, which my guess is many other people also have, are pretty decent. (Ahem not an official and/or paid review.)

What is your take on selling parties? Are you fine with just going and not buying something? Do you feel pressured to buy something?


4 thoughts on “Candles and cookware and jewelry, oh my!: Selling parties and not buying

  1. Ugh man, I always “have” other plans if anyone invites me to those. My friend who is an Army wife gets barraged by those all of the time, and she has a roster of excuses why she can’t go because she realized she was blowing tons of cash on that junk just to stay in the good graces of women that were only her friends in the context of those parties.

    I don’t know how those stupid parties survived the 90s. Maybe the next decade will see their demise!

  2. I’ve never had a problem – either being the hostess and someone not buying, or going and not buying. Personally, I’d rather have all my friends come and NOT buy anything than nobody show up – that way at least I get to hang out with my friends. Having been on the OTHER side – as a MK consultant eons ago – I never pressured anyone. It was more about people getting together, having fun and trying stuff out. Then again – I’m not pushy at ALL.

    If you go, make sure Darth’s aunt knows that you probably won’t be able to buy anything and you’re really there just to support her.

  3. Honestly, the thing I hate most about those parties is the pressure to host one yourself. With the exception of one party, I’ve never really volunteered to host anything. I just got invited to a purse party…or something…on Friday (and according to the FB you did too), but I’m undecided if I’m going to go.

    If you do go to the Pampered Chef party, the citrus peeler is totally worth the $1!

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