Fashion Friday: Hello Heels

Shoes! Glorious shoes!

I’ve been paying more attention to the growing number of heels I’ve been seeing recently. Why? I love shoes! Pah! Lots of women love shoes! Nothing new here! Now move along down the page to go “Ooooh! Shoes!”

high heeled

One of these things aren’t like the others. One of these things doesn’t belong.

While it might not be obvious, like the fact that everything is turning into a song lyric somehow today, there are only one pair of those listed above that I would actually wear.*  There is something I find interesting in a positive way with each of them in that “oh that’s neat” kind of mode. However the main deciding factor was finding crazy heels.

While I know heels aren’t crazy for some people, I like heels but I do not wear them all the time.  That and I am a loud walker in general. If I don’t pay attention to how I am walking, you can hear me coming…. POW! POW! POW!

Now give me a slightly high heel – more than kitten heels – with/without a strap – and I’m a happy heeled girl.

Mid heels

I find myself more and more going to the old school pumps style. Maybe it’s the 80s child in me. I’ve rocked so many pairs of mary janes style shoes, heeled and not, that it is a safe and yet still fun option for me.

I included the word safe in that last part on purpose.  I’ve seen so many woman have to do the grate dance downtown: see grate, manuever around grate, walk, repeat. In the fast pace of pedestrian traffic, or madness if you want to follow my #transitsnark tweets, I say more power to them.  I’ll stick with my lower heels for the most part.

Now do I have some crazy high heels? Of course. Do I have pictures ready for you? Nope. I didn’t feel like dusting off the shoeboxes up on the shelf.

* Top center pair of pink heels: While they are insanely high and Christian Louboutin Peep-Toe Platform Slingback Pump, they made me go “oooooooh cute!” before even realizing they were a swanky label. Oh labels…. you’re next… or soon!

Are you a heels person? Are super high heels too much or never high enough?


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Hello Heels

  1. I’m a heels person in that I love to look at them. I’m not so much a heels person when it comes to wearing them. I have a hard time wearing heels because of the toe I broke a few years ago. Wearing heels for too long guarantees my toe will be in pain.

    I’m also obsessed with Mary Janes. I even have a pair of Mary Jane gym shoes!

  2. I think the super high heels pretty to look but there are precious few pairs that I’ll actually wear. I only have two 4″ heels that have hidden platforms which sneakily make them comfortable, but I’m much happier in a pair of sneakers!

  3. I agree with K. I love heels, they are pretty to look at, but my body is not built to wear heels -especially my feet. Even when I get to my goal weight, I really don’t see myself wearing heels that often (though I’m not saying never).

    I have horrible circulation to my feet and legs in general because of my underactive thyroid. I get cramps all the time in my feet and when wearing heels that sucks. Also I have a bunion, which is not the greatest thing to have when wearing heels.

    Maybe one day!

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