Are you “ready” for some football?

Ah yes, football season is upon us.  There are numerous men and women yelling the title of this post but without the quotes. Darth Husband has sung the football “song” at least twice this week.  The Chicago Bears table he made is done and ready for snacks and beer. Clearly ONE person in this house is ready.

Then there’s me. Am I watching the game tonight? Nope. I’m typing this, watching Heavy and most likely reading a few posts and/or articles before bed. 

While my reaction to football isn’t like Ralphie’s just prior to getting an elf boot in the face and getting pushed down the slide in A Christmas Story, I am just not hyped up about it.  I’ll watch the games and cheer for the Bears but I won’t be spending hundreds of dollars on game tickets.  I like the social aspect of the games as well as how much oddball football shaped food can I figure out.

Basically I could become a “football widow”.



Could is the key word. Could is not will and will has not happened. While there are times that football has become annoying for whatever reason, overall it doesn’t take over the household completely. Darth Husband and I have figured out a Sunday routine during football season that works well for the most part. During game time, he watches and I do whatever I want – watch a movie, knit, shop/browse w friends, etc. Anything that we need to get down we plan around game time unless it is some sort of family deal that we have planned. It might not work for everyone but it works for us!

Are you or your significant other a football fanatic? Are you a “football widow” or do you refuse to become one?


3 thoughts on “Are you “ready” for some football?

  1. I enjoy watching football for sure, but I’m not nearly as fanatical as my boyfriend. He watches all the games with equal fervor, whereas I really only care about NE. I usually sit with him while he watches but I always have something else to do with me, like knitting (for the first time in forever!) or my netbook for blog stuff. I actually kind of like it that I can wander around and do my own things for good long chunks of time.

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