18lbs of crap

I remember climbing up onto a CTA bus when the steps were HUGE.  Safe to say I was a pretty little kid though I am unsure exactly how old I would have been. While I am a somewhat seasoned person in terms of Chicagoland public transit, there are still times that it bothers me.  Technical delays. Weather delays. Stupid delays. They are all there and I just have to deal the best way possible.

Recently, I had to deal the best way possible. If you follow my Twitter, you know what I am talking about.  I had taken a train slightly later than normal which was no big deal. I do this on occasion and yet get home at a somewhat decent time. HOWEVER my train had issues.  It was so much that my cell started recognizing #trainstopped and #trainstarted.  I guess I used it a bit too much. Oops! My apologizes to anyone… ok maybe not an apology apology but more of a sorry but I was bored and cranky and sick and hungry so Twitter kept me amused.

Taking public transit makes you act like a little kid in more than just that way. You must plan.  Bathroom breaks – I HATE when anyone uses the word “potty” not speaking to a small child or IS a small child – are a must beforehand. Have something to keep you from being bored if you have a long travel time. Bring SNACKS!

Thing is, I always have snacks. Almonds and gum, though technically not a snack to some, are always in my purse. There is usually some sort of mints and/or fruit leather in my bigger bag.  While it isn’t a full meal, it is enough of a kick to give me a bit of energy or not start gnawing on my purse or arguing with random people. Darth Husband learned early on when he was Darth Boyfriend that asking me serious questions prior to dinner and post dinner often would result in different answers. Realistically I’m not one to start arguments with random strangers. Sadly there are people like that. My snark side might not hide well if dealing with extremely rude people to begin with.

So while stuck on the indecisive train I start digging through my stuff to find said snacks. Digging is the key word.  This brings me back to the title that at least one person read and thought WTF. “18lbs of crap” is the default setting saying wise for the junk I carry around with me. True in the midst of said stuff is actual stuff but at times I don’t realize this.  The lost souls of the stale almond kind that escaped the bag and melted peppermints which mostly likely permanently will be wrapped in plastic are at the bottom. 

Safe to say I didn’t eat any of those. I had two fruit leather and a minipack of almonds in my purse. Safe and tasty. Eventually my train began to travel onward more consistantly and I was home… with a plan. Realistically there are things I carry with me on a daily basis that I don’t need like a half dozen maxi pads. Ditto with the mix of this that and whatever.  Those were hiding well below a magazine and my knitting. The latter two mentions however are things that I generally have with me – something to read and something knitting related be it actual knitting or a pattern which falls into both categories then. My plan is to keep an eye on what I’m carrying and NOT let it back to the level of “18lbs of crap.”

Have you been in a similar situation with an everyday bag?


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