Fashion Friday: Time to Get Ducky

Back when Laura from Becoming the Odd Duck mentioned her Fashion Fridays, I was totally up for it. Be it a challenge, and adventure or whatever. It will be fun.  I had an awesome idea for today’s post.


Groundbreakingly new idea right? PAH! Not really but it makes sense being September and all.  Kids are back in school. The leaves are about to change. Pumpkin everything is about to appear. It’s mid 90s outside.

Yes, you read correctly, mid 90s. Keep in mind here that being in Illinois and not in Texas it is a bit aware from the norm. True we have had warmer beginnings of September but this is a bit wonky. Rather than sweaters and boots on my mind I’m contemplating if I want to wear a sundress tomorrow.

HOWEVER once Mother Nature decides she wants to stop doing whatever I am looking forward to some fall fashion fun.  In no particular order

  • chunky cardigan sweaters
  • orange, burnt sienna, pumpkin, mahogany and any other fall-ish crayon in the box o’ colors
  • colored tights and skirts
  • legwarmers – the 80s never totally went away for me
  • Halloween – while technically a holiday it is my fav & I adore bringing out the spooky jewelry

When it actually feels more fall-ish, it will be time to swap out/move around my closet.  Now that will be an adventure!


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