Betsy & the Bell: HLS part 2

Usually when traveling I enjoy a mix of history, culture, food, shopping or window shopping and scenery. Pretty basic I guess but for me it works.  When I found out this year’s Healthy Living Summit was being held in Philly, I knew I had to visit the historic district.

Emily, even though she had been there before, agreed to wander a bit with me before the cocktail party.  

Clockwise from top left: Betsy Ross House; Independence Hall; Independence Hall; one of various directory signs

Christ Church Burial Ground – minus the gateway arch, all photos taken while standing on a wall w camera strap on the ME side and the camera on the NOT me side of a wrought iron fence. NOT BAD!

I couldn’t go to Philly and not see the Liberty Bell.

I honestly thought it was going to be bigger. It was still really cool to see.

We got back to the hotel with a good amount of time to get ready for the cocktail party.  Four women getting ready in one hotel room can result in mayhem but Emily, Kristin, Lauren and I ended up managing quite well. Kristin’s awesome hair dryer did help us all quite a bit as well. PLUS I don’t know what it is with the water in Philly but it worked better than ANY anti-frizz product I have ever used! That was a goooood thing since it was raining.

After a quick 99% rain free detour thanks for a super nice member of the hotel staff, we were ready to party/eat/find people/talk until our voices started going away.

Lauren, me, Kristin, and Emily in Reading Terminal Market

After seeing the Market earlier in the day, it was interesting to see it transformed into a social event setting.  While we were in a somewhat contained area it was still large enough to mingle and find people/meet new people.  I also inhaled numerous Philly cheesesteak empanadas – YUM! – and had a beer that I had never heard of before.

Walt Wit Belgian-Style White Ale

It was good. Since I am an extreeeeeeemely slow drinker, and not much of a drinker at that, I gave away my other drink ticket.  It saved someone else from having to buy a drink and freed up my hands for talking. (I can’t help but talk with my hands.)

While the cocktail party is technically the first official event of HLS, not everyone attends for whatever reason.  There were some people I had to find after reading their blogs and people I knew from last year.  It is a mix mosh of meeting/greeting/and OMG!-ing. (More on that later though.)

I found Jeni from Bird on Bramble, chatted a bit and did the “OMG! YAY! Let’s get a picture!”

Jeni and me

I ended up finding Laura as well since I HAD to or who knows what Stina might have done! J/K!  Clearly they are such good friends for a reason – they are both awesome!   There were numerous other people who I met in the whirlwind of the cocktail party – some more so than others but overall, I had a good time.

Some people were heading out on the town for the rest of the evening. Not me! After a day with an early wake up, travel, sightseeing and yabbering my head off I was ready for bed!  I had to get some rest before all the events of the next day.  Plus the hour time difference I knew would mess me up eventually!


2 thoughts on “Betsy & the Bell: HLS part 2

  1. I felt the same way about the Liberty Bell! Liberty must have seemed like a smaller concept back in the olden days! Wish I had known you were giving away drink tickets- I probably would have enjoyed the cocktail party a little more with a lot more social lubricant! 🙂 Two of those chia drinks didn’t do a thing for me except taste delicious.

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