Mustard feet

I currently have two confused dogs and my feet in an extra large mixing bowl.   No, I haven’t gone off the deep end… or in this case the very not deep end. I just have a cold.  Growing up, home remedies were often used before running to the store for some over-the-counter fix.  Sometimes it would work. Sometimes it wouldn’t. One that always worked was soaking your feet in hot water and mustard powder. 

That brings me to where I am literally right now.  I know from experience that this will work but I did look up information to better explain it. From Reader’s Digest The Healing Kitchen (which actually has other tips too):

“Soaking your feet in hot water with a little mustard powder can unblock a head cold, help to reduce a fever and soothe a headache. Drawing blood to the feet helps to disperse congestion, increases circulation and eases pressure on the blood vessels in your head.”

I have no medical conditions so this didn’t cause me to worry or be concerned. Realistically if I did I’d check before doing any home remedy – AHEM – this is the “I am not a medical professional” bit.

I do have a large cup of tea next to me as well as the Xbox controller. (Heavy is now streaming and after reading a lot of commentary about this show I wanted to check it out. ) Usually people add lemon to tea when they or sick, or in other cases always, but I’m not a big lemon person so I added lime juice. It still will give me the vitamin C kick that will help me feel better.

Now if I can get a few nights of excellent sleep…


3 thoughts on “Mustard feet

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