Are you my blogger?: HLS 2011 part 1

After Darth Husband dropped me off at the airport, check in and security were a breeze. I had a little over an hour to wait and that led to a crazy amount of tweeting.  I get silly when I’m half asleep and the obnoxious family that could be extras from Jersey Shore weren’t helping. Keep in mind, I have only watched one full episode of JS.  All other attempts result in me getting annoyed and changing it.

The tweet to Caitlin pretty much summarized most of my Friday travel.

Finding people at the cocktail party would be easier since there are nametags aka those things that made everyone do the not-so-subtle scan for names at times. Hey it works!  As you can tell from above my twitter pic isn’t that clear so adding a face to a handle isn’t always easy. However trying to figure out if you recognize someone because they ARE from the conference or you JUST think they might be is a bit difficult.  To keep from drawing attention to myself in the airport for odd behavior, I tried to keep my scanning low-key.

After a good though nap-less flight on Southwest, a long somewhat lost wandering of Philly airport with its scary sliding – horizontal and vertical – glass exit doors that so made me think of Resident Evil, and a packed but pleasant ride on the Liberty Shuttle over the “big blue bridge”, I was finally at the hotel.

Finally is the key word since there was 10 minutes to spare to make a lunch outing.

The small lunch group ended up being pretty large and our mini parade headed to Govinda’s for lunch.  Our mini parade seemed to annoy some people in Philly.  One woman was so upsetted by us blocking the corner – as we waited for the light to change – that she started yelling at us. Keep in mind this is BEFORE she said excuse me/pardon me etc. There are worse things in the world than needing to get through a crowd of people. Try maneuvering Taste of Chicago around noon on a weekday. THAT is a crowd.

The walk however was quite nice especially the variety of buildings. I could easily just wander Philly and just take pictures of the architecture.

While I am not a vegetarian and this was a veggie place, I was still interested in checking it out. Unfortunately, the group was a bit larger than the location could handle so everyone split up into smaller groups.  I was part of the one that headed back to Reading Terminal Market.

While I do eat quite a bit of veggies, I had to have a Philly cheesesteak. It’s like having a Chicago style hot dog in Chicago, you just HAVE to get one.

I found Carmen’s Famous Italian Hoagies and Cheesesteaks.

After finding out that there are numerous options that are possible, I asked for what would be a real Philly cheesesteak. They made sure I got the real thing.

It was amazing. If I am ever back in Reading Terminal Market, I’ll definitely be back.


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