Dealing with Don Draper

I recently started watching Mad Men on Netflix.  I have heard numerous people rave about this show.  It was never something that made me want to get the add-on channels when we had cable. Now with Netflix I may be a few years and seasons behind but nonetheless it is new to me.

I totally understand that this is set decades ago and before Women’s Lib and all. However, there are so many times I want to throw something at Don Draper or one of the other characters. If I went to a college that had foam bricks as part of their fan-dom, that thing would be flying. Keep in mind this isn’t just the male characters that aggravate me. Pretty much everyone has made me scoff or grr at the television.

I decided to use the grr element to my benefit.  We got an exercise/stationary bike from a friend of ours not too long ago.  It is a nice one with an electronic readout and much more advanced than the one my parents have had all these years. We’re talking front wheel with the nylon webbing belt old. It still works but obviously, it is not at my house.  Ours is set up facing the tv so I can ride… and grr… in pedaling.

I managed to get 10 miles during the last episode I watched.  If it wasn’t that big of a deal, it was a decent speed. If some character was being obnoxious, it was a faster speed. If some character was being a blatant idiot, the pedals were flying.  I am going to keep with this since it will keep me from parking myself in a chair and watching episode after episode.  I am trying to cut down tv in the evening as well so I think a single episode will work well. Plus it will be interesting to see how “far” I can get as the plot lines develop.


One thought on “Dealing with Don Draper

  1. Love, love , love Mad Men. Chris and I started watching it earlier this month. I love that the 1st four seasons are on Netflix Instant too. We need to watch the season finale this week and move to season two. I had some doubt about the show, but now I’m like ”why didn’t I watch this show sooner. SAlso, working out while watching is a good thing. I like to watch soaps while walking or jogging on the treadmill.

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