The vortex strikes again

While I have already been back in the Chicago area for number of hours, I am still, in a sense, on Philly time. True, it is just an hour ahead but perhaps I should use the term HLS time.  Time moves in fast forward. Next thing you know it is time for something else. Then POOF it is all over.

Safe to say that isn’t my recap.

Seriously. I wouldn’t do that.

Ideally I’d be uploading my photos, digging through my swag and trying to go back to my normal level of daily wahahahahahahaha – the good kind not the worrisome kind. That was my plan. Plans do change however and due to The Vortex taking the mini usb cable I’m a bit stuck.

Some people say the dryer eats socks. I’ve heard house elves… ok that was Harry Potter. Scratch that. I have heard dryer gnomes but the only gnomes we have are the ones in the yard or Norm in the kitchen. We have The Vortex.  When something goes missing I blame the Vortex.  I like to use that concept, embrace my nerdy side though that isn’t far from the norm, and hope that someday whatever is missing will metaphorically get spit out and back somewhere in the house.

Luckily I have notes.

Some parts of the upcoming recaps of this years Healthy Living Summit

  • first time travels to Philly
  • a proper Philly cheesesteak
  • my awesome roommates
  • listening, learning and realizing
  • food
  • food
  • food
  • chocolate
  • good flight/bad flight
  • and much much more 

6 thoughts on “The vortex strikes again

  1. If you just need any random mini usb cable, I have about half a dozen of them. I’d be more than happy to loan/ give you one. Let me know, and I can bring it over if you need.

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