Thee weekend hath cometh

If you have seen 10 Things I Hate about You (the movie not the tv show that I might someday try watching…. maybe) re-read the title and think of Michael when they were at the prom.

So unless you don’t general read the blog, follow me on Twitter, or read a good amount of blogs in this community, you know this weekend is the 2011 Healthy Living Summit.  While I am in Philly, Darth Husband and the furr-buckets will be babysitting my laptop as well. I’m going “old school” and bringing a notebook (the one that was at HLS 2010 actually) even though I was never a big journal-er years ago.  I will however be tweeting while I am there since I added internet to my phone for this weekend.  The hashtag everyone has been using is #HLS and so search that and you can read everyone’s tweets about the fun!

Since I won’t be real-time blogging, two of my lovely blends will be guest posting this weekend. Gotta love autopost scheduling!

See you in Philly my fellow HLS bloggers & see you next week for my readers!


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