Couch surf-shopping

I recently discovered Polyvore . I can “shop” without actually spending money or getting annoyed about how the sizes are all crazy. Darth Husband isn’t stuck waiting as I try on dozens of items and barely buy any.  Best of all I get to find stuff that I wouldn’t normally look at since they are way too expensive. That also has the flip side of the OOOOOH element.  Will I ever buy stuff I post on there? Not sure and probably never for the extremely expensive stuff. Is it fun to play online dress-up? Of course.

Or play the badass heroine even if it’s just via the clothes.

zombie chic

2 thoughts on “Couch surf-shopping

  1. LOL cute post. I just discovered this website too because my friend was on it. I will never wear any of the clothes i post because quite frankly i don’t have money for all of that. btw Glamour magazine and polyvore are having a competition for the person who can make the best for-an-occasion outfit.

    -Bianca at

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