Dance – commercial – express

We have Hulu+ for some time already and I had forgotten that it also meant there was fitness/exercise based shows as well.  I have a bad habit of buying DVDs on sale. Sometimes it is good. Sometimes it is really good. Sometimes I can’t stand the instructor no matter how good the DVD.  (I think it is the same as in any class as well.) If the person leading it doesn’t connect with me in a positive way, I get distracted and/or annoyed and stop.

Other than the general work week walking, I haven’t had the energy/motivation to do much.  True, walking over 13 miles a week does count but for one reason or not that was it. Some reasons were legit and others were just me not wanting to do it. A ways back taking classes worked for our budget, now it doesn’t. I guess paying for it out of pocket sort of motivated me a bit. I wanted to get my moneys worth as well as not waste it. When it is possible I am seriously thinking to take a Zumba class. Right now I can find a few that don’t seem out of the normal range for classes. Someday.

So I was looking through the listings in Hulu+ and found a dance related workout – The Firm: Cardio Dance Express. It was about a 20 minute routine. I include “about” since there are commercial breaks. The breaks were a bit annoying since they would cut in right when I was getting into it but it makes sense for the service. The workout, however, I really enjoyed. The people in the video aren’t cheesy annoying – you know what I am talking about.  I grew up with a mom who did the various 80s/90s tv and video programs. I’ve seen a lot as well as actually can stand Richard Simmons in small doses!  I think the cool down was missing since it seemed to stop at a faster pace. Nonetheless I liked it. 

While this is technically not a review, I am still adding this disclaimer that I received no compensation or whatnot from the company of this DVD or Hulu. I’m just wanting to share a positive experience with others.

What do you think about dance based fitness?


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