End radio silence

Recently I got hit with a pretty nasty head cold, sinus issues that left me seriously dizzy and disoriented, and a migraine to top it all. My whine and snark/snappy levels were out of whack and so I thought it best to just step away from the laptop at least in the blogging sense. Twitter is easier to be nicer or rather it’s easier to see when you are being crankypants much easier. Now if I could only remember to spellcheck on that thng tihng thing.

The one thing that is aggravating, yet totally out of my control, was the time lost for my current knitting project, or WIP for those in the loop…. knit…. purl…. cast on… ok now I’m done. If I am making something for myself and I am not feeling well, I keep going. If it is for someone else, which is a good 90% of the time, I stop. Besides getting it all germy, if I mess up a portion or manage to severely skip a section or accidentally slide ribbing over an inch I’m on my own deadline. Frogging knitting ,while needed at times, is really disheartening to watch all your effort literally unravel.

Darth Husband suggested using one of our Groupon’s for BBQ today. For now, a cup of tea, Netflix or Hulu and that WIP is on the plan.


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