Surprise! Now go change… into what?

Darth Husband tried to surprise me last night with a trip to the movies. I say tried because I am one of those pain in the butt people who ask too many questions.  He said that I needed to go change because we were going out. This is where it started.

Where? Out. What should I wear -what are you wearing? Jeans/tshirt. Too hot for jeans. Why don’t you wear one of your jean skirts? Both are gross and need to be washed… and onward it went along ping ponging between us til he told me we were going t the movies. THEN it was easier – capris/fitted t/SOCKS and gym shoes. No cold legs, feet, or shoulders due to bad option selection.

I know it drives him crazy when I do that but it is one of those things that makes sense in my head. Depending on the location and situation, the selection process changes. Do I need a hoodie? Should I be wearing better shoes – or will I end up standing for a Blackhawks game in its entirety in heeled boots. Which friend’s house are we going to – the one w the air conditioning always on full blast or the one w the kittens that will tear up a nicer shirt?

I think it is because of my being somewhat of a planner. I do like to always have an idea of a plan B for things of a larger scale as well. Do I get stuck at times? Of course. Is it a bit of a personal safety net? Sure. Does this make me a PITA at times? Definitely.

 He has managed to surprise me a few times over the years so I do give him credit for that. I know that it’s hard. Maybe one of these days he’ll just mention something about how there’s an outfit ready for me and that we need to be out of the house in 45 mins.  That would be sweet though that means I need to seriously attack my closet.

But that’s a story for another day.

P.S. We saw Captain America. It was good but I wasn’t wow-ed. I haven’t read those particular comics and so that probably had something to do with it.

Are you someone who can be surprised or do you need to figure out what is going on?


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