One month til Rex Manning day… or not

While channelling my inner Lucas today (the pondering part, no desire to take a bank deposit to Atlantic City – MAJOR imaginary cookie points in you know what I am talking about and post in the comments) I had one of those “what day is today” moments. 

Check phone… July 19th… EEEEEP! One month to HLS!

As a result here is a partial list of “things I plan to keep in mind/remember/do/not do for this year’s HLS.”

  • Business cards are a great idea. Business cards you make yourself are a great idea. Making 100+ business cards out of scrapbook paper the two nights before is not a great idea. Even with the paper cutter guide helping, you will end up with some verrry crooked or off-centered which bugs me. I “blame” the graphic designer/artist part of me for that. Others will still end up really cute. Soooo this year I’m rocking ordered cards from VistaPrint. They are also really cute.
  • The successful result of making a packing list is even better when you actually use it more than once. This year I can’t call Darth Husband and have him run something downtown if it is more major just a toothbrush. While I did forget that last year, I just went to the nearby Walgreens and picked one up.  Extra toothbrushes are always handy.
  • Two words: Swag bag. Two more words… make that five: extra space in checked luggage.
  • Babbling like a goofball due to forgetting someone’s real name isn’t happening again. I’ll probably answer to Can’t Survive on Yarn Alone or yarnalone so there is a pretty good chance someone else will respond to their blog name/twitter handle. Plus I am “guilty” of searching for people by asking if they have seen their online handle. If you don’t believe me just ask Black Cat Kitchen and A Girl and Her Mutt.
  • Luckily there is no time management session so I won’t repeat last year’s adventure of losing my phone and as a result being late to the time management session. Racing back to the hotel room to dump out ALL my bags and then finding it underneath a table from before added to the “excitement.”
  • Take more pictures especially group shot/general people photos is a must. I have some from last year but not too many.

I know there will be more to add in the days ahead but I think that’s a good start for my second blogger conference.

What is something that you try or try not to do at blogger conferences?


5 thoughts on “One month til Rex Manning day… or not

  1. Too funny, I have a draft written called “Things I’m Not Doing at HLS”. I think its going up this weekend.

    I packed a small empty duffle bag in my suitcase last year and completely filled it with swag to take home. Best decision ever.

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