Waffle Waffle CUPCAKE!

I am proud, and maybe sometimes overly proud to some, that when I got married I wasn’t a bridezilla. We didn’t want nor need some of the details others had for theirs. That also carried to the shower which wasn’t even held at some fancy place. A church hall with catered food and a lot of laughs worked PERFECTLY. While I know others truly want and/or need it to be more formal, it is a definite great deal when it is nice place yet still laid back.

This weekend was my cousin and his future wife’s shower and they had a place like that. The best part though was there was a buffet, a breakfast/brunch style buffet.








There were waffles, a customizable omelet station, and a section with misc items like bacon, sausage, this amazing potato/onion/red pepper combo that I must figure out, and fruit. Plus if you wanted a salad, it was there too. I probably could have eaten the entire platter of waffles. They were amazing.  However, since taking a food coma nap was not an option I decided against that and make a combo plate of this and that. It was smart though since I had to save room for a cupcake.

I don’t care who says cupcakes are trendy or they are not trendy. I think cupcakes are always a great idea. They had an assortment of various kinds. I was zeroed in on one kind from the start. It had an ity bity little carrot on top: carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. YUM! The frosting was a bit sweet but more so an “eat slower” rather than a “my teeth hurt.”

Overall the shower was very cute. You could tell the future Mr. and Mrs. were happy which in the end is the most important thing.


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