When galloping kitties attack

There are nights that I sleep so well and wake up cheerful and refreshed.  Then there are the nights that I wake up with scratches on my legs or ankles and cat hair stuck to my skin (more so than normal of course.) Make that wake up the final wake up and that is the best option.  You need to add the “ok what is being messed with and if it falls will it break” wake up.

My cats enjoy channeling racehorses.  If there could be a werewolf cat but instead of a wolf they turn into some sort of cat/horse hybrid, it would be them. 20 odd total pounds of meowing ferocity tearing through the house can be quite unnerving.  They also will run you down and crash into your feet/legs/ankles/anything.  Bond, though being the smaller of the two purrbuckets, will be the one to almost take you out the most.  His small size makes the kitty blur factor much much higher.

This is also the case when I am sleeping.  I think they get more joy out of waking me up and/or causing mischief when I am sleeping.  There are specific routines that I think they have created and follow on a somewhat random schedule.

  • Hey let’s kitty yodel (Frankie mostly) for extra food until Momma gets so annoyed I can get a whole FIVE more kernels
  • Hey let’s bang into things in the kitchen until Momma comes downstairs.
  • Routine above + knocking things over/off counter/off table
  • Both routines above + knocking off something totally random that will result in Momma tearing down the stairs because she has NO idea what that was – aka a box of toothpicks off the fridge makes a really unnerving noise in the middle of the night
  • Hey let’s do laps up and down the stairs
  • Routine above + all the way into the living room so a crash into the blinds can be included
  • Hey let’s do laps around the bedroom
  • Routine above + including up on the bed and over Momma’s legs/feet – aka the scratches
  • Both above including pounce on pillows/headboard
  • Hey let’s find anything plastic in the room and chew on it… REALLY loudly

Please do keep in mind that I abso love my cats.  I don’t know what I would do without them other than finally be able to keep knickknacks out from behind glass doors.  They just go so kooky sometimes.

If you have cats, do they like to be mischevious especially at night?  What about other pets – do you have to deal with the we’re-gonna-go-bonkers moments as well?


2 thoughts on “When galloping kitties attack

  1. Considering I get home around midnight, my cats are TOTAL night owls. Mom gets home and it’s like a party – right after they eat. Loki loves to tear up/down the stairs & attack Lovie. Usually it’s fine until Lovie starts to cry and hiss, then I intervene. Most of the time though, Lovie crawls in bed with me and Loki just walks around “talking.” Crazy, lovable creatures. 🙂

  2. I don’t let Sgt Pepper in the bedroom at night because she’ll sleep nice for a while, but inevitably she’ll decided that walking on my head around 3am is the think to do. She doesn’t seem to make much mischief at night though…maybe because it’s just her since Maxwell sleeps in my bed with me? (And more often than not I wake HIM up in the morning.) Truly though, the most mischief she gets in is chewing up pretty much any paper or cardboard she can get her paws on.

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