Don’t yell at the sandwich girl

I went out for lunch today since the entire bag of popcorn and a yogurt were not going to tide me over at all.  While part of me was tempting to make a second bag, I know it would still leave me becoming Mrs. Grumblepants on the train. If I have  a normal-ish smaller breakfast, like todays Naked Juice Orange Carrot and a blueberry muffin,  a decent size lunch plus a smallish snack works pretty well. Safe to say I will not forget my lunch tomorrow.

I ended up at Jimmy Johns after hunting down a team giving free samples of  FRS which is supposedly an all natural energy drink or so says the label on the cans. Nonetheless, it was a free sample and I’ll try it.  If I hate it then it will just be thrown out. That particular JJ wasn’t crowded which made me extremely happy.  There was one person ahead of me.  It should only be a short wait for my Beach Club and then I’d be on my merry way. (Too much Top Gear watching has me saying “merry” now.)

Then it all goes downhill… for the poor people behind the counter. I always say be nice to people who are dealing with your food even when you are unhappy. They. Have. Your. Food.

The woman ahead of me took a bit of time. She asked pretty much the same question rephrased several times. Ok, that isn’t too shocking. I see it often and I’ve asked questions, though different ones before. Then she told the girl HOW to make her sandwich as in the order of items to be added. Then she started screech/sputtering about the GREEN STUFF!!!! WHAT is THAT green stuff!?!?!?!?!



The green stuff is sprouts.

Oh ok.

If I could have done the #facepalm without making the staff laugh I probably would have though Angry Sprout Lady might have turned on me.  She also told them the right way to cut her pickle and that she wanted the sandwich cut in half. I think after three pickle comments and a good five times with the cutting instructions, they got it.

The thing is, the staff stayed cool throughout the entire thing. I was tempted to tell her to let them do their job but again Angry Sprout Lady might have turned on me.  There are probably tons of people that yell and throw a fit about their sandwiches and so they are used to it. Now the lady stopping to order another sandwich after getting, yet not eating her first one, was another thing though.

That was a sign it was time to leave, especially when she agreed again to sprouts.

Have you ever seen people being rude to people in the food industry for ridiculous reasons?


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