Hey Dancey Pants!

Music is a HUGE part of my life and so thought it would be appropriate for it to be the first CSYA blogger/Twitter challenge. Yes, that’s right, blogger/Twitter challenge. Since I know there are people who are on Twitter that are blog-less, I wanted this to include everyone AND anyone who wanted to participate.

So here is more on the challenge:

Project Dancey Pants

What to do:

  • Pick at least one song to dance to daily or at least twice a week
  • Tweet the song title and artist/singer/band/etc with #projectdanceypants
  • Include it somewhere on a blog post with projectdanceypants as a category
  • If you want – include a link to the band site, online radio genre station, or video such as YouTube

What you SHOULD get out of this

  • An excuse to, though I honestly think there is never a reason not to, dance
  • An excuse to be silly, though I honestly think people NEED to be silly sometimes
  • At least a few minutes, if not more, of fun exercise
  • A chance to share music that you love
  • A chance to find new music
  • A chance to remember music you had forgotten about and haven’t listened to in AGES
  • A chance to share guilty pleasure music

I can hear at least one of you saying “But I don’t dance????” PAH!  I’m not talking fancy trained dancing here!

  • Rock out in your car. 
  • Sway with your significant other. 
  • Bounce about with your kid(s). 
  • Dart around with your pet(s.)
  • Shimmy and shake while you are cleaning, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher…


The plan is to have this run for at least 30 days but the GOAL is to make this ongoing.

It makes sense since I’m never going to stop dancing.

Ok who is with me!?!?!

Participating Bloggers:
If you want to use the icon for your site, please SAVE  the PDP icon below and post it on your site with a link back to this post!


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