Don’t forget the drifts

It is currently 92 degrees… in my house. While I do not know the official temperature when you step outside my doorway, it has to be somewhat similar.  While we do have central air, we also have multiple ceiling fans, non-ceiling fans, and the whole house fan (basically super exhaust fan) that is working for now. When it eventually is time to sleep, the air is going on.

I have never been one to immediately run and turn on the air conditioning. If I was living somewhere other than the Midwest, that would probably change. Hot and humid in Chicagoland is one thing. Elsewhere, who knows.  The big thing though is that my area barely had a spring – cold to sorta cold to sorta warm to cold and REPEAT. Then we got HOT – rain  – hot – RAIN. My weeds are estatic even though a good amount of their kind have been erradicated.

The one thing that I do always remember when it get warm out is to slow down. I learned this the hard way visiting Phoenix years ago. Too fast means too worn out. Lots of liquids and a fan parked near me is the plan for now.  Plus I have my secret weapon.  Whenever I start to whine that is is hot, all I have to do is look at a certain set of pictures.

February 2011 snowstorm

Hot weather means I am not stuck digging out of snowdrifts up to my waist. (Keep in mind I’m 5’7″)
Is it hot in your area? If so, what are you doing to keep cool?

One thought on “Don’t forget the drifts

  1. Its 98 in Dallas so Im happy to know Ill be able to acclimate well when I move to Chicago..except for the snow but I think thats pretty freaking cool! I keep my AC set on 78 and I use a fan if needed. At least you have wind, we have none..Texas heat is like drowning in hot air. Ugh!

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