Flight of the Yarnbird

Today started out with a sigh of relief. I had been stalking the fares to Philly for quite some time lately and today there ended up being a sale TO Philly.  I ended up saving over $100, which is abso fantastic, and ended up getting the exact flights I had wanted. 

I stayed pretty calm within minimal BAH BAH BAHHHHH muttering and hipshake quasi dancing. Inside I was like Bucky from Get Fuzzy during his nightly freakout. (If you have not read any Get Fuzzy, I highly recommend it especially if you have pets.) Now I am one step closer to getting everything settled.

THEN the day just kept getting better.

The BFF is amazing for numerous reasons but one is that she is a HUGE animal lover and has fostered over 100 animals in the past 10 years or so.  Both Frankie and Bond were rescues that came via her.  Right now she has two 5 week old kittens. Safe to say  it is easy to guess what this week’s Foto Fursday will be!  I went over to get some pictures to help her find them homes.  Numerous blurry photos later we ended up with a few that should work. Kittens just HATE to do cute things when the camera is ready.  Stretched neck open mouthed mew-yowling almost  NEVER ends up on film… even with sport mode. I didn’t come home with the orange tabby boy kitten in my purse even though I wanted to take him. Oh who am I kidding I wanted him AND the calico girl kitten. Too cute.

I DID come home with something though that made me happy, just a different happy.

This made me happy.

First box of yarn

Second box of yarn

This made me giddy.

The massive beige-ish blob is over 50 skeins of fisherman style 100% virgin wool.
We aren’t sure if this was all her mom’s yarn or if it was a mix of her mom and gramma’s. Honestly, it doesn’t matter to me.  I am just super excited to have it. Now I just need to figure out where it all will go – probably the attic.  Nonetheless, getting something like this is a big deal when you are a knitter. Woohoo! Darth Husband actually didn’t complain about me bringing home the yarn. He was just happy I didn’t bring home a kitten.

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