Bloggers to take over Philly: HLS round 2

Last year when I found out that the Healthy Living Summit was being held in Chicago, I decided that I had to go. It was RIGHT there, for the most part, and if I hadn’t gone I knew I would have regretted it.  It was seriously one of the best choices I have ever made.  I ended up having an amazing weekend, meeting new people, connecting in person with people I “knew” online, and leaving HLS with a positive vibe and a sense of energy that got kicked into high gear.

This year has been a bit crazy for numerous non-blog-posted reasons but throughout it I have had my HLS fund.  Christmas money, birthday money and misc cash made it into it. It was a goal to do something for ME.  I have a tendency to do things for others and put myself on the backburner at times. It’s often things like I’ll go to the mall to get my eyebrows threaded and end up bringing home a sundress for my niece instead. It’s not really a bad thing especially when I get to see her ity bity little face light up because she is so excited (and then she goes back to digging in the dirt.)

So this was my plan, goal, light at the end of the puddle (new saying since I literally found a blinky safety light at the end of a giant puddle not to long ago) and if I didn’t get in during registration, it wasn’t meant to be. I don’t know what I’d done w that money though otherwise. Perhaps save for HLS#4.

Overall, I was being “selfish” on purpose.  Darth Husband and I never really had any issues with my planning.  I had told him I had planned to go awhile back and that I’d set up my little fund.  He knew how excited I was about it as well. We have a marriage/relationship where I don’t have to ask for permission for things nor does he.  It is more so a bring up the idea and if the other person sees something that might not work/be problematic/doesn’t make sense in the long run, then we discuss it.  Plus he “gets rid of me” for a weekend. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and so does mancaves and art/crafty rooms.

I am planning a Healthy Living Summit related series for the upcoming weeks.  It is a list of what I plan to do differently, what I plan to do the same, traveling to Philly, and general misc stuff.

Are you going to HLS this year? If so, find me and say hello!


12 thoughts on “Bloggers to take over Philly: HLS round 2

  1. This is my first HLS which was super convenient in that I live just outside the Philly limits. 🙂 Looking forward to meeting a lot of people! If you need help with getting around the city, let me know! I’ve been here for 10 years now (yikes).

  2. Yes! I’m so excited! I’ve never been to the HLS Summit AND I’ve never been to Philly – it can’t possibly get any better. Look forward to meeting you, hopefully!

  3. This post just got me so riled up!! What a fantastic post, you’re imbued me with renewed excitement!!

    I can’t wait to get to the City of Brotherly, no, wait Bloggerly Love!! See you there so soon!!

  4. Yay! Read about your mission to read everyone’s blogs for HLS. I’ll be there too…this will be my first year attending and I can’t wait. Look forward to meeting you!

  5. I will be attending HLS for the first time as well and I am so extremely excited to meet everyone. I am also nervous because I just started blogging so I am hoping to learn a lot. See you there!

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