Ugly food: Oatmeal edition

I make ugly food. I wholeheartedly admit to this even though this is not always the case. I can make a great hodgepodge that looks weird and tastes amazing. I can make a great stir fry that becomes monochromatic though I have no idea how that happens.  I think the best way to approach it is to have a sense of humor and be a bit brave.

I had a pretty ugly breakfast routine going for some time.  I never took any pictures because there are numerous other bloggers who take amazing oat pix. I’ll leave it up to them. It was oatmeal w flaxseed, cinnamon and sugar made in the microwave. Overnight oats isn’t for me since cold gooey oats grosses me out – texture thing.  I’m too impatient to make them on the stove even though I have steelcut oats that I need to make rather than let sit on the shelf.

So why the rambling about oatmeal? I’ve fallen into the trap of oh-look-theres-a-place-where-I-can-grab-something too often.  I don’t get things ALL the time because that is not smart financially or health wise. Plus all you really need to do is look up the nutritional information on some of this stuff and it is like a 2 x 4 of reality smacking you in the head can be pretty surprising.  Overall I know I’ll feel better in the morning and save even what minimal amounts of money I had been spending.


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