FMM: CSYA round one

I found Shari’s blog  Finding A Weigh by chance via playing the Twitter version of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (In case you have NO idea in general what I am talking about wiki-explanation here.) She posts Friend Making Monday including “Answer these questions on your own blog (after commenting on mine first of course) and then link back to Kenz at All The Weigh! ” I’m being a rebel and posting THEN commenting.

My inner junior highschool girl I can’t help squeek but enjoy  these survey dealies.

Ok time to roll your eyes start your engines stop crossing out stuff:

FMM: Yes or No?
1. Do you use coupons? Yup I saved $2 via them tonight – $1 off kitty food & $1 off kitty litter – so both ends are taken care of for now.
2. Do you like football? I’m married to a Bears fan. I deal and pay attention in small doses.
3. Are you in a relationship? See #2
4. Is your phone always within arm’s reach? For the most part though now it is revolting and eating both sent and received text messages.
5. Do you like thunderstorms? I deal & just bought rain boots to deal w the current onslaught of thunderstorms. Of course now the weather will behave. Cosmo will be a happy dog then since he becomes the 75lb shaking lapdog.
6. Can you cook? Yup.
7. Are you – or have you – lost weight?Yes/no/shrug
8. Do you know how to read a map? Yes though Dolores our GPS what?!?! I’m not crazy she needed a name tells me where to go or so does Darth Husband’s iPhone.
9. Do you wear make-up? Yes but I try to not always so my skin can breathe.
10. Do you read regularly? On a good week – 1-2 books, otherwise it is whenever I find things I like at the library or get hooked on a new series.
11. Are you publicly affectionate?I hug hello/gbye but not overly mushy w Darth Husband in public
12. Do you like picnics? I’ll respond w another question – do I like ants? NO. If picnics would always be ant free, then awesome!
13. Do you have A/C?Yes but we don’t keep it on all the time.
14. Have you ever been out of the country?Toronto as a kid
15. Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Yup. I need a basket for mine which also gives me the excuse for offkey humming of the Wicked Witch of the West melody.

One thought on “FMM: CSYA round one

  1. This post makes me happy for a few reasons.

    A. Its been raining and I love the rain and I like knowing my new city rains!
    B. Im not the only one who names my electronic devices! I name my GPS, phone, dvd player, name it!
    C. You found my blog! I love connecting with uber awesome people =)

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