Yarny yarny quite contrarny how does your garden grow

Yes, yes I know that’s a pretty cheesy title but my actual name doesn’t really rhyme with anything. The bananafanna song always sounded silly too.

I grew up in a fruits and veggies household. My mom had told me before that when I was really young she’d put the veggies in front of me first. Hungry kid = eating veggies. True there are kids who are the absolute opposite and won’t touch anything green and then grow up to be our one friend who rarely eats veggies. Luckily I wasn’t one of them.

For years summer meant getting the garden ready.  We had a space set up in the back yard with timbers and a fence that would be put up to keep any rabbits as well as my childhood dog from getting in there.  It was a pretty good sized space and so could fit a good amount of plants.  There’d be cucumbers taking over one section, green beans in another and tomato plants at the other end. I remember too we would get something different some years and add that to the mix. Kohlrabi was one that I definitely remember especially since I thought the name was really cool.

The back of my parents property had a cherry tree when I was a kid as well as numerous raspberry bushes. After awhile being brave and eating the berries FROM the bushes without washing them was a daredevil thing to do. YUM! BUGS!  The tree that I used to hang from since that is what kids do or should do – hang from trees and climb trees just not break bones doing so isn’t there anymore but the bushes are still there. Their dog now loves to eat the raspberries right off the branches too! YUM! PRICKLIES! (If you are not familiar with raspberry bushes, they do have thorns/pricklies that DO hurt and can scratch you.)

When Darth Husband  and I started looking at houses the mention of “oh we could put a garden here” or “not really a lot of space to put a garden” was included more times than not.  Being with someone who also understands the greatness of fresh picked produce makes this even easier.  It didn’t have to be a huge spot. It just HAD to be A spot and we ended up with one.

The people who lived in the house before us were MAJOR gardening people. The lady clearly enjoyed working in the yard.  Flowerbeds are all over the place with perennials and rose bushes.  It was and still is though there is a bit of plant chaos going on pretty cool.  Several places could work perfectly for a decent sized planting bed. We would just have to add a few timbers and fencing to keep the dog out.

The dog soon became DOGS when Molly joined the CSYA family not too long after we were married.  The addition of the cute puppy that would grow up to be the still adorable dog led to the unofficial world federation of dog wrestling. Two 50+ dogs chasing each other around the yard as well as barking at the furry little bringers of annoyance squirrels changed our plans.  The amazing location for the garden is now AHHHHH SQUIIREEREEERELLLL WOOF WOOF ARFARF ARAFARAFARFARF BWAAAAAAAAA edged in timbers and covered in woodchips for the time being.

Did I get upset? Nope. I got self watering planters.  They have little spaces at the bottom that you fill with water and as long as that has water they don’t wither and die as quickly are happy.  They work PERFECTLY for veggies as well as flowers. We have already had tomatoes, jalapeno, and bell peppers.  This year the plan was tomatoes and bell peppers again since we eat them all the time.

I was given a new addition to the garden/yard this year – my awesome new cart.

Awesome Cart to the rescue

It makes hauling bags of dirt and numerous plants that the store clerk insisted on putting in plastic bags  much much easier.  The worry of dropping a bag or plant container and watching it explode is very very low.

Flowers are much happier now . Yes that is a little chair plant stand.

Salvia (purple on the left), geraniums (white on the tiny chair), coreopsis (yellow) and autumn joy sedum (wavy leaf on top right) is this years mix.  All are perennials except for the gernanium and they will eventually be planted in some sort of flowerbed so we can enjoy them next year.  I wish I had a large budget for gardening but I don’t so I try to pick things that we can enjoy more than one year. PLUS it is fun to see them come back year after year. I get happy excited!

Now is the waiting game. Last year we managed to wait until some of the peppers turned red. It was worse than waiting for water to boil.  I may or may not have said “Hurry up!” to the plants more than once.


Bell peppers


Two kinds of tomato plants this year and one is already flowering


There will be more garden related posts this summer and maybe a veggie related recipe post as well.


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